Agua Planeta Azul, S.A.

The water of Dominicans

Agua Planeta Azul, S.A. is a company with more than 30 years in the market, which purifies and bottles the leading brand of water bottles for the Great Santo Domingo area. Since its foundation in 1988, the company has been commercializing this essential product for life according to the highest production standards in the sector, both nationally and internationally. The company's name pays tribute to the only planet in the solar system known to have this precious blue liquid, and all its operations are oriented towards the same goal: taking care of people's well-being. Nowadays, Agua Planeta Azul is introducing important changes in its processes with a view to becoming the absolute national leader in the healthy beverage market with an international presence.


Our purpose is to care for people´s well-being, delivering optimum-quality products that contribute to preserve the health of our consumers.


To turn Agua Planeta Azul into a company of national pride, expanding its horizons through a business exercise of successful strategies that consolidate the welfare of our internal and external partners, and confirm our leadership over time. With a focus on being absolute leaders in the healthy beverage market in the Dominican Republic and with international presence.

Our values


Human capital

We are life, well-being and, above all, a great team

To achieve our mission of leading the national market of healthy beverages, Agua Planeta Azul has a great team of collaborators committed to our institutional values: Quality, Commitment and Collaboration. Thanks to our team´s efforts, consumers identify our brand as the best tasting, purest, and with an excellent quality-price ratio.

For this reason, the permanent training of our human capital and their possibilities of growth within the company are priorities for Agua Planeta Azul. Currently, many of our employees actively participate in different initiatives that promote operational excellence and, above all, environmental protection.

As a work team, we are trust, safety, and health. In short: a true Planeta Azul.

Operational excellence

The quality that guarantees our leadership

The Quality and Safety Management System that governs the operations of Agua Planeta Azul as a food company is audited annually by the Dominican Institute for Quality (INDOCAL) and by NSF International, entities that certify our products and monitor food safety, endorsing in a sustained manner the correct functioning of the operations, through good manufacturing practices (GMP) and the HACCP safety system. Through this system, Agua Planeta Azul approaches food safety from a global point of view, since it identifies, analyzes, and controls physical, chemical, and biological hazards from raw materials, the different stages of the purification process, bottling, product distribution and, finally, consumption.